Themes are suggested for fun and entertainment, however no one is required to participate and many do not. What you'll usually find is that most people want to join in once they get there and get into the atmosphere so be prepared just in case!

Hedo II:
(updated 03/05/19)

SUNDAY – Hedonistic School Girl
Dress to Impress As A Sexy School Girl, Nerd, Principal, Jock Or Cheerleader
Girls wear your short plaid skirts & tied up white shirts. Break all the rules you never could! Principals, nerds and jocks you can join in the education too!
in the education, too.

MONDAY – Jamaica Night
Party hardy with the Jamaican colors – Black, green and gold…Ya Mon!!!

TUESDAY – Bare as you dare Glow Pool Party
Dance under the stars and help light up the night with all of your glowing, blinking and flashing things. Make a splash in your sexiest swimwear!!!

WEDNESDAY – FETISH Night Leather & Lingerie
Expose Your  Fetish – Dominatrix, Master, Sub, Leather & Latex…. Let your outfit show us tonight.

THURSDAY – Toga Foam Party
“Toga! Toga! Toga!” Come frolic in the foam and dance the night away…how sexy can you wrap yourself?

Represent your favorite rock band or artist…greaser to grunge. Rock-N-Roll will never die!!

SATURDAY – Sexy Sports NIght
Show your Sexy team spirit in whatever sport that turns you on.Show your Sexy team spirit in whatever sport that turns you on.

(themes are subject to change)

Bring a variety of clothing and plan on fun! It seems every site you check, including Hedo's own pages vary on the schedule, but just like Jamaica, everything is laid back and schedules are a "bad word". Use this as a guide to help you know what to expect.

We receive a lot of questions about how to dress for Hedo and the theme nights.
Here are some tips that may be helpful.

First of all, no one HAS to dress for any of the themes. Many people do not.

Some people dress like they would on any resort vacation wearing tropical prints, sundresses, shorts and t-shirts. This is YOUR vacation and you can dress in any style you like or as dressy or casual as you like. You'll see people dressed in a variety of ways every night. The ladies will have their chance to wear the shortest hemlines and the lowest cut, sexy tops. Of course, totally sheer is always a good choice!

There is no such thing as too sexy or too wild!

In general you will see people wearing what they like to in order to enjoy themselves and have fun. If that's shorts and a t-shirt just like they'd wear back home,  that's ok too. Some women will wear lingerie all week long to dinner and afterwards. Some guests don leather/fetish wear every night. There are no hard and fast rules.

Keep in mind that there are activities all day long. The staff work LONG hours. At Hedo they told us they work 6 days a week, from 8am til 2am! The staff definitely keep the place lively and if you want to get involved there is always something going on. The most important thing to realize is that you will meet some of the friendliest, most interesting people here if you give yourself the chance!

So join in the events, themes and games and have fun!