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Spring Break isn't a bunch of teenagers! This is an adult group having the spring break their kids never dreamed of! Our charter trip included over 50 people varying in age from mid 20's to 60's with most in their mid 30's to mid 50's. We welcome singles and couples and whether you book with our travel agent or not, invite you to join our group.

Our group was a huge success last year and with more inquiries coming in, we're planning on being even better this year! Aside from the usual activities at Hedo, we're planning another cocktail party for a meet and greet of all our members, poolside games, pole dance lessons and our own theme night

Each year we plan seating for dinner and shows, group dinners at Munasan's and Martino's,  and off-resort group trips.

Being part of the group doesn't obligate you to anything, but allows you the ability to get to know other's before you arrive, getting a head start on making friends before you even get there. Breaking the ice this way, gets the party and fun started that much faster. We set up a message board a couple
of months before the trip where you have the option to post pictures or just say hello and get to know others. Of course, we realize the desire for privacy and that some will not want to post pictures or even messages so this is not mandatory and members can browse the board and just read about whom you'll be traveling with.

ME Welcom partySpring Break is a very social group!

Perhaps you just want to know a few friendly faces before you get to Hedo, have someone to talk to or dine with, or sit back and enjoy the activities from the side, cheering on your new friends. Whatever you want, it's up to you. For those who join us plan to laugh and have fun all week long!



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Welcome to guests who book with other travel agents!JimMESunsetDip2

Guests who book with other travel agents are always welcome to socialize with our group but special group activites are limited to only our guests who book with Castaways Travel under our group.
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