Ombre_Dancer_LHedonism Presents: The Erotic Pole Dance World ChampionshipsSexyCompSharzayn

This new competition will launch during Dance Wicked For A Week which runs from October 22nd – 29th, 2016. Preliminaries will be held on Sunday and Monday with finals being held on Tuesday 10/25/16.

Competitors will gather from around the world to present the most creative and artistic performances with jaw-dropping skills…and all the sexy they can bring to the stage to entertain you while they
compete for the first world title of Erotic Pole Dance World Champion!

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The North American Pole Dance Championships®Becca

The North American Pole Dance Championships® hosted by Midwest Pole Dancing, Inc. and proudly sponsored by Hedonism II is held every summer in the Chicago area since 2011.

Competitors consist of professional pole dancers from the US, Canada and Mexico with professional, semi-professional and masters (age 40 and over) divisions.

Melissa Schrader_crThe NAPDC® takes place concurrently with the North American Pole Dance Convention with three days of featured pole and dance performances, amateur competitions in chair, floor work and pole dancing, seminars and workshops in everything from stretching and acrobatics to pole dancing and twerking as well as a large vendor fair.

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North American Elite Division Champion 2014