What to Pack?

Short List:

  • Theme wear
  • Club (aka slut) wear
  • Stilettos (aka FMPs)
  • Swim wear (as slinky as you dare)
  • Sarongs/cover ups
  • Sandals/Flip flopsfor around pool and for long walks to and from the disco or dining room at night. Many women store their flip flops in the bushes so that they don't have to walk the length of the resort in their heels.
  • Sunglasses
  • Tan Lotion
  • Aloe/sunburn relief
  • Beach Bag
  • Lanyard  or wrist coil (for your room key)
  • Thermal Drink mugs – for the pool instead of the small drink glasses they us so you don't have to go back for as many refills
  • Bug Spray (important now for dinner at Munasans)
  • Travel documents and passport (in your carry ons!)
  • Photo copies of driverse license, travel documents and passport packed someplace else in case yours are lost or stolen. Makes getting replacements easier.
  • Sun Hat
  • Water proof watch
  • Meds to consider: Any prescriptions you use, tylenol/advil, motion sickness meds, allergy meds
  • Blow dryer – although all rooms have a blow dryer if you are picky about yours then you  may wish to bring your own as they are standard small wall-mount dryers
  • Multi-outlet extension cord – especially if you are packing a dryer and curling iron. Some use them to sit at the small vanity in the room to get ready in front of the dresser mirror instead of the bathroom.
  • Body glitter
  • For the ladies: Fast Flats/ Sidekicks / Tieks (foldable ballet flats for changing into when you want to take your heels off)
  • Zip lock bags – pack your costumes in large Zip lock bags to keep all pieces and jewelry together and easily organized. This also works good for other clothing like panties, swimwear, cover ups, etc.
  • Over the door shoe organizer – not just for your shoes but to keep things you need handy instead of leaving them on your dresser or vanity
  • Temporary tattoos, stick on rhinestone tattoos
  • Belly chains
  • Extra nail polish
  • Chocolate or favorite sweets 
    Zip lock bag for storing these to keep "critters" out)
  • Ear plugs (for disco it gets REALLY loud)
  • Water proof Lube (for hot tub)
  • "toys"
  • Condoms
  • Personal cards (w/names & email to give to new friends)
  • Portable tabletop battery operated fan (great at dinner when it's hot out)
  • Aqua Socks (water socks) – there are problems with sea urchins in the water along the shore.
  • Night light for bathroom
  • CD or IPOD player for your room  (though most rooms have them now. You may want one if you wish to sit on the beach and enjoy your own music)
  • Single dollar bills: For tipping your shuttle driver and baggage handlers to and from the resort
  • Simple gifts: Lotions, toiletries, chocolate or other candy, etc for staff IF you desire to give them something in lieu of a cash tip. Please do not attempt to give cash tips as the staff can be fired for accepting money!


Whether you're planning on spending the majority of the week Au Naturale or whether you are the more conservative type, or maybe you just need to see what the atmosphere is like when you get there, there's still a LOT you'll want to bring! Yes, there is a gift shop, but you don't want to pay what it will cost to buy or replace your essentials!

First, check out the themes and schedules link.
Here you'll see the different theme nights that are scheduled for the resort. There are no hard and fast rules…if you don't want to dress for the theme, that's ok. The only night that they push more participation is PJ night as you must have pjs or sexy lingerie to enter the disco.

Travel Documents, passports and a pen!
Keep these within easy reach on the plane in your carry on. You will need to complete a customs and immigration form and they will not allow you to fill
it out while in line in immigration so have it ready when you get off the plane so you aren't made to step off to the side to fill it out and can get right in line.

General dress is casual. Even if you are planning on spending most of your time on the nude side, all of the dining and entertainment areas require that you be covered. However, you'll see anything from completely casual to totally sheer and exotic. You will mostly see people dining in shorts and swimwear or sarongs during the daytime and anything from shorts to "club wear" at dinner – or, dressed according to the night's theme.

Remember that even if you are on the nude side, you will need cover ups for walking around. Ladies tend to have a number of sarongs with matching tops or swim tops and guys throw on their trunks, shorts or a wrap when walking around or going to grab a meal. You'll also want some comfortable rubber-soled sandals for getting around during the day as the sidewalks get hot and wet areas can be slippery. Don't forget your sunglasses either…maybe an extra pair.

Don't forget to pack a canvas bag – remember you won't have pockets to use now! You'll need something to hold your sarong/shorts when you take them off, or your lotions, room key and sunglasses. Some people prefer to bring a lanyard for their room key though Castaways will usually have a gift bag for you upon arrival that includes one.

The lines at the beach bars during the day tend to be a bit long and the drinks aren't very large, so in order to avoid spending half your day waiting for drinks (even if they are non-alcoholic) you may want to bring a thermal drink holder. The ones they sell at the resort are around $10! However, they also say "Hedonism II" on them and make a great souvenir.

Also you may want to bring a hat for that bright sun! You could also include a plastic or waterproof bag for your smokes or other items. Speaking of which, bring plenty of cigars/cigarettes as they are  pretty expensive. Time may not seem important on vacation, but if it is for you, don't forget a water-proof watch.

Double check prescriptions before you leave as pharmacies are scarce. You probably should bring tan lotion/sun block, aloe, and maybe some Tylenol or Advil. A word of warning that most women don't know – water proof suntan lotions saturate your acrylic nails and make them soft and sticky!

Bug Spray – although the resort sprays regularly those mosquitos still manage to find some of us and can be pretty aggressive due to the humidity, rainy seasons and proximity to the ocean so bring bug spray or you can pick some up in the gift shop.

If you are prone to motion sickness, you might want to bring some Dramamine for the bus ride between the resort and the airport – this ride can get a bit rocky!
Also consider allergy medicine if you are prone to sinus conditions – the climate is different there and you may find your seasonal allergies acting up in January! Expect to deal with fluid retention as the humidity and heat will cause some bloating.

Consider having some fun – temporary tattoos, glitter, rhinestone stick-ons, belly chains and ankle bracelets as well as the wildest clothing you dare! Skirts can never be TOO short! The ladies probably may want to pack extra nail polish for your toes as the sand wears off your pedicure the first day.

A word of warning to those with a sweet tooth. Candy and sweets are not what we are use to. "Good" chocolate is limited and a bit pricey in the gift shop – so it is advised to pack some of your favorite sweets if this is important to you!

Every room now has a refrigerator! Plan on a trip to the gift shop if you don't want to try packing heavy bottles of water/soda pop. There are also now a good variety of chips and crackers in the gift shop but don't forget those Ziploc bags to store open bags in. Don't count on "rolling" them closed!

Don't forget your favorite "toys"!!!  This is one thing you WON'T find in the gift shop if you should forget them! Make sure to take the batteries out before you travel as the airport staff don't like to have to dig through your bags to see what that strange noise is coming from them just because a vibrator got bumped into the "on" position!

Finally, a lot of people make their own "personal cards". These are like business cards but have your names and e-mail address on it to exchange with the new friends you  make. Some people put a small picture of themselves or some design on it and you might leave a space to write in your room number upon arrival.