Nudity is mandatory in some areas…optional in others….and prohibited in others. The resort use to have just two options: Nude and Prude! Nude was fully nude and prude was clothed only. Over the years it has migrated to what it is today.

  • Nude
    This will include the nude beach and nude pool/hot tub. You can arrive in this area clothed but must remove your clothes once you settle on lounge chairs, in the pool or hot tub or elsewherre.
  • Clothing optional
    This includes the clothing optional beach and pool – you can do as you like. Fully clothed, fully nude and anything in betwee
  • Other areas:
    The dining room, restaurants, gift shop, piano bar, night club and courtyard are all mandated to be fully clothed. You can wear sheer clothing but must not have any intimate parts uncovered. However, at different times of the evening you may see some nudity at the bars, nightclub and in the courtyard as the evening gets wilder. Nudity is never suppose to be allowed in the registration area, gift shop, piano bar or dining room/restaurants.

Photography is strictly prohibited on the nude side, even if just taking photos of yourselves. In all other areas you may not take general photos of large areas where others may be in the background of your photo.

Although rooms may be labeled as "nude" and "clothing optional" that does not mean you cannot be nude if walking along the path without going through the prohibited areas on your way to the nude side. Likewise, you do not HAVE to be nude walking back and forth from your rooms on the nude side.