nude-pool-in-the-morningHedonism II is in Negril and is approximately one hour ride ride west from the Montego Bay airport when driving direct. With the shuttle the ride will average 1.5 hours.

Hedonism III was in Runaway but was closed in August 2010.
There is no Hedo I in Jamaica – Hedo I is a concept…it is a state of mind…the "original paradise".

Getting there…
hedo2-001When you arrive, you'll look for the Superclubs Lounge after you get through customs. There you will be able to take the free shuttle to the resort. You can expect to make the obligatory stop for a restroom or cold drink at a local roadside stand. This is part of every trip from the airport, but you won't need to do this on your return trip when leaving.

If you want to get there faster, you can take a small plane from the airport for about $120 per person, one-way for Negril/Hedo II. This will get you to the resort in about 15 minutes air time and lands you just a couple blocks from Hedo where you take a taxi (that is included in the cost) over to the resort.

You can also take a private taxi and if booked in advance should run about $80 for two each way. Three or more will pay $25 each.

The Jamaican National Motto is "Out of Many, One People"  hedo2-056
with descendants from people around the world, including Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, mixing together to produce the Jamaican people of today.

Even though the island is only 146 miles long and up to 50 miles wide, travel is not quick and easy so it may take you three to four hours to travel from one end of the island to the other along the winding roads.

Cars are available for rent if you are daring! Not only do they drive on the left side of the road, but Jamaicans drive fast and wild, with horns blaring and goats running out into the middle of the road! You're surest bet it is to hire a driver/cab. Ask at the resort and they will arrange a trustworthy driver and perhaps you can share a ride with others if you decide to venture off the resort.



hedo2-071The resorts…
Hedonism is known for being a wild and fun place itself, however, though you may be encouraged to join in the mischief, you will never be pushed into anything. If you prefer to lie back and relax, or just watch the antics from the sidelines, no one will try to force you to do otherwise.

Grab your towels and beach chairs early in the day. It's considered courteous to cover your chair or lounger with a towel and most people will respect your saved spot if you walk away. You may consider bringing some clips to hold your towel in place from the breeze!


Yes, cameras are allowed, but only on the clothing optional side. If you want pictures on the nude side, you should go early in the morning when the crew is cleaning and opening up and there are no other guests there. They will usually allow you to take some pictures if you ask nicely and no one else is around.

On occasion, you MIGHT get away with a picture or two early in the morning if  no one else is around but that depends on the atmosphere of the crowd and the mood of the security staff as there are  clearly posted signs on the nude side that state "no photography" – basically, it's against  "the rules" to take pictures on the nude side. Period. Also no electronics of any type (cell phones, kindles, etc) are allowed on the nude beach or at the nude pool.

Finally, realize that if you get involved in anything on stage or in the games and even in the disco, unless the EC staff specifically announce "no photography" you WILL be photographed.