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This is like booking a VIP lounge. Benefits include:

  • Expedited service through immigration lines and customs
  • Lounge for arrivals: Includes rum punch, restripe, patties and a few finger sandwhiches. This is a small lounge as most people don't stick around on arrival. Basially you are paying mostly for expedited service through the lines so it's up to you if you want to drop the bucks on this. A free beer
  • Lounge for departures. Larget buffet with salad bar, patties, soup, sandwhiches and larger bar service with drinkds included. Free Wi-Fi and televisions Also for extra fees a full service spa. Nice to wait here especially if your flight is delayed. Of course it's more relaxing to wait here and since food is included it's great price.
  • You can book both arrival and departure or just one of them. Arrivals cost about $50 per person and departures $30 per person.
  • This service can book out weeks in advance as they limit how many tickets they sell. Book sevearl weeks in advance to avoid disappointment, especially during peak travel hours.