• Your first stop of course is immigration. Have your immigration form COMPLETELY filled out or they will pull you out of line when you get there and make you step to the side to finish

    • Arriving in MBJ you need to have one completed immigration form PER PERSON
    • Coming back to the US/Canada you need one form per family/address
  • On the plane, complete both sides and the very bottom which includes return flight information. (they will make you get out of line to finish the form if you leave any parts blank
  • Make certain you have your passport, a pen and your return flight info accessible to fill out your immigration form while on the plane!
  • Immigration lines can be long. Sometimes you get lucky and walk right up to the desk and sometimes they are backed up and you may be in line for 60-90 minutes. Seldom longer than 45 minutes but it can happen depending on how many flights arrive at the same time.
  • New: in 2015 they installed automated immigration kiosks where you scan your passport. You won't know until you get to immigration whether you will be sent over to use the kiosks. These are USUALLY faster.
  • A direct non-stop ride is about 1 hour 20 minutes from MBJ to the resort. Most shuttles will make a stop at a roadside bar along the way. Between cutoms and immigration and waiting for your shuttle you can expect to arrive at the resort approximately 3 hours after your flight lands.


***If you booked your trip through Castaways Travel your shuttle is included for free in the price of your trip!

Tip: Keep a photo copy of your drivers license and passport in a separate location with your carry on and safely in your room in case your passport is lost/stolen it will make getting a new/temporary easier.