On the plane:

Have a pen and keep your passports close so that you can complete your customs and immigration forms prior to arrival. Make certain to complete and sign both sides. You will also need to know your return flight information. If any part of your form is not completed, even just one box, they will make you step out of line and go to the desk at the side to complete your form before you can get in line.

Your destination address is simply Hedonism 2 Resort – Negril Jamaica. You do not need to enter the street address.

First check in – Immigration

The form will ask if you have traveled to another country within the last 3 months but they will not ask you before you get in line. If you have traveled to another country get in line at the health desk first – NOT the immigration line – as they will send you back there after you've waited in line!

Lines in immigration can be pretty long during certain times of the day. Peak arrival times are generally 10:30am – 2:30pm and more so on Friday through Sunday. Expect your wait in line to be anywhere from immediate service up to 90 minutes. Usually about a 45 min- hour.

Next – Baggage Claim

This usually goes quickly (unless the airlines lost your luggage!) as immigration holds you up so that your luggage is usually sitting waiting for you when you get there. There are luggage carts and plenty of baggage handlers to help you but they will expect a tip.


These lines are usually shorter and quicker.


If you have arranged a shuttle service (usually about $30 round trip through Castaways Travel) you should expect to get to the resort approximately 3 hours after your flight lands with standard processing and the shuttle for transport. Seldom faster and could be a bit longer. The resort is 1.5 hours (maybe 1hr 20) with a ride straight there but the shuttles take their time and may make a stop along the way at a local bar or drop off passengers at another resort.

Private taxis at the airport are extremely expensive. Usually asking around $100 or more each way. You can bargain with them but you won't get much lower.

Your other alternative is a private ride with one of two services which you must book in advance:
-Recommended by Castaways who has used him in the past: scourteney@hotmail.com (876)354-5424 (unsure of cost)
-Mr. Reasonable: Linley Grant 876-357-3267 or 876-844-7700 or email at linleygrant@yahoo.com whom we have used a couple of times now and is very responsible and efficient. This will cost about $75 for one, $80 for two and around $25 a piece for three or more – each way.

Other options include Tim Air for about $110 per person each way. There is a landing strip across the street from the resort and you will be there about 15 minutes after you take off.

Fast Track Through The Airport:


A new service in the past couple of years is Club Mobay. We have not used it on the way coming in but we use it every time leaving Jamaica.

For a fee of $50 pp/arrivals or $30pp/departures you bypass most of custom/immigration and take a shorter line for TSA. You are usually through everything (except the ticket counter for your airline check in) in 30 minutes or less.

There is a lounge to wait for your ride or plane to arrive where you have a free open bar, free small finger foods and snacks all included in the cost. It's very comfortable with televisions and free WiFi. There is also a spa on site if you want hair/nails done or a massage at an additional cost.

We've never used it for arrivals and I'm not certain I personally consider it worth it since the only really long wait would usually be custom/immigration lines and it doesn't make sense either because the cost is more for arrivals than for departures but some people love the faster service. You are met by a rep from Club Moby and bypass the usual immigration and customs lines and taken straight to your shuttle or taxi (not included in the cost of Club Mobay)

For departures I just don't want to wait in lines when I'm done for the week and heading home. I'm a bit more tolerant on my way INTO Jamaica than on my way out! Plus your flight could be delayed and then you have someplace nice to sit and wait.

You can purchase your arrival passes online at the above link and you can purchase your departure passes at the resort. But buy them early in the week as there are a limited amount for each day and if you're leaving on the weekend it may be more difficult to get a pass. SO far they've never run out while we've been there but you definitely need to buy it at least the day before departure.


Remember that while tipping is not allowed at the resort, it is allowed and "expected" in the airport and during transfers. Anyone who offers to help carry your bags or load them onto the shuttle is "expecting" a tip. So is your shuttle driver. If you want to tip, figure about $1 per bag and for the shuttle $5 per person. For private rides figure a bit more.